Dart Games: Shanghai

Shanghai is a game of accuracy; hitting the doubles and triples is vital to success in this dart game. Shanghai can be played with as little as two people but any amount can play, this is a great party game.

The game is played in rounds. During each round there is one number that is your target and each player throws three darts. You begin with number one and work your way up sequentially to the seven. You try and score as many points as possible; only the number in play scores points, so if the current number in play is four and you hit a six no points are scored. As you can see, this means that as the game progresses the scores go up tremendously. In the first round if you hit three ones you have scored three points, but in the fifth round, when the five is the target, if you hit three fives you have scored 15 points. Doubles and triples do count (triple four would give you twelve points).

You win Shanghai by being the person who has the most points at the end of seven rounds (1-7); or you can score a Shanghai and win instantly. To score a Shanghai you have to hit a triple, a double and single of the number that is in play.

Shanghai Strategies

Like many dart games, the triple is where you want to be aiming. It scores you the most points and if you plan on trying for a Shanghai for an automatic win you are going to need to hit one. Other than that, Shanghai isn't a game that takes a lot of strategy, just score big and try and get those Shanghais.

Shanghai Variations

Triple or double last. This makes the game even harder to win by a Shanghai. In this variation your last dart has to hit either the double or the triple, you can't hit the single on your last dart. So if on your first dart you hit a triple, on the second you hit a double, and on the last dart you hit a single, you would not win automatically like you would in normal Shanghai.

Threes, fives, or sevens or you're out. This variation is played so that if you completely miss a specified inning number you are automatically out. So if you are playing "Threes or you're out" in the third round, if you don't hit any threes you automatically lose. You can use any number but the three; five and seven are the most common, seven probably being the most common.

Shanghai up to any number. You can play up to any number, one through ten or even all the way up to twenty.