Welcome to Diddle for the Middle your source for Darts

For those of you who are new to the wonderful world of darts and are wondering what the heck "diddle for the middle" means, it's quite simple. To determine who goes first in a game of darts the players will throw a single dart at the board and the player who gets closest to the bull's-eye wins; this is called diddling for the middle.

With that out of the way, welcome to the page. So just what is this page about? Well, it's all about darts! You will learn about the history of the sport. For instance, did you know that the cork, also called the bull's eye, gets its name from the cork in the end of wine barrels? Back in the old days, wine barrels were used as dartboards. You will also learn how to properly set up your dartboard. You can also learn a bunch of different games you can play with darts and a dartboard; you may be surprised at how many variations there are. We will also teach you all about the equipment needed to play the game, from electronic boards and soft tip darts to bristle boards and steel-tipped darts. You will also be able to read some tips on how to become a better player. If you have friend that is always beating you when you are down at the local pub, hopefully we can help you turn the tide. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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